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PuzzleMap is a cool little puzzle game using maps.

To run it, you need:

  • an Internet connection to load the maps.
  • to activate a location method on your device (in Settings / Security & location).

If you don't get the map of where you are, you may have to wait for the GPS to get a position, or for the network to transmit it, if available.


Options you can access from the menu :

My location creates a new puzzle from your current (or last recorded) location.

Enter a location lets you enter the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of a place you know.

Settings lets you choose the zoom level of the map, the location method to use (GPS, network or both) and the difficulty level.

Clear cache erases the maps stored on your device. To avoid reloading the same maps again and again, PuzzleMap keeps the maps on the device. If more storage space is needeed by any other application, the system erases this data automatically, but it is possible to force it here.

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Note: The maps come from the great OpenStreetMap project and are
© OpenStreetMap and contributors, CC-BY-SA.